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Education for young women and SITU - School project

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Due to extreme levels of poverty many children, especially the girls in Nepal, are excluded from education, because their families can't raise the school fees. PUKAR COLLECTION wants to change that through a Corporate Social Initiative. Part of the sales proceeds will make it possible for poor children and young women to enjoy an education.

PUKAR COLLECTION supports young women in education and the SITU-School project in Kathmandu locally.

Education for young women




Supriya from Kahtmandu is 25 years old and is training as a nurse.






Dikshya from a village in the east of Nepal is 22 years old and subsequently does a secondary education in Kathmandu.

SITU-School project

The following renovation work has been carried out: Leaking roof, carpet, wall paint, floor, new tables and chairs, new toilet etc. and more will follow... Drinking water, food, teacher salaries, school-, kitchen- and play-materials are letting shine their faces.

In February 2018 PUKAR COLLECTION enabled the SITU-school children to visit the zoo (see video on this page).


If you woluld like to donate as well, please contact:

Tel. 043 300 32 32 or visit our boutique PUKAR COLLECTION.


For the donations already received, we thanks heartily.


Warm regards

Pukar Shrestha

(Originates from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal)

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