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Due to extreme levels of poverty many children, especially the girls in Nepal, are excluded from education, because their families can't raise the school fees. PUKAR COLLECTION wants to change that through a Corporate Social Initiative. Part of the sales proceeds will make it possible for poor children to enjoy an education.

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A smile can work wonders

PUKAR COLLECTION offers you high quality products from Nepal, the home of the Himalayas. As all our articles are created by hand, fair conditions are a key concern of our company and essential in our holistic understanding of quality.

Behind our product range lies the wish to help maintain the rich Nepalese art of craftsmanship. We want to enable men and women to be able to contribute their cultural knowledge. Thanks to our workplaces, which support families and whole communities, children are given access to education, and the quality of life of the present and coming generation is enhanced.

No-one knows what tomorrow will bring - life is full of unknown promises. Discover the PUKAR COLLECTION today which is as unusual and diverse as the people who created it. Share with us the conviction that a smile can work wonders, just as a guesture can change the world.


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Pukar Shrestha

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