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Pashmina - Cashmere

The precious fibre from the high valleys of the Himalayas

Pukar Pashmina Nepal CashmerePashmina has been regarded by the initiated since the late 18th century as the most precious of natural fibres. In Nepali, “pashmina” stands for the highest grade cashmere – for fibres from 14 to 18 microns in diameter. But because our goal is to offer you luxury at its finest quality, pashmina means something more to us: The pashmina fibres found in the products of the PUKAR COLLECTION are about 9 to 14 microns fine.

The exceptionally soft wool comes from the inner coat of the Capra Hircus, the mountain goats, which dwell in the Himalayas at around 4,500 metres above sea level. In the high valleys of Nepal, Tibet or Mongolia, temperatures of up to minus 40 °C are not uncommon. Once per year, the delicate hair from the neck and chest is combed out. By doing so, the animals are not harmed in any way. No more than 85 to 200 g of soft wool is recovered from each goat.

Due to its precious nature, pashmina is considered to be the “diamond” among fibres. Processing it is time-consuming and demands highest skills. Pashmina wool is carded by hand and spun into a fine yarn with a spindle. Using traditional looms, exquisite shawls and blankets are woven by hand. From spinning to completion, a single product takes our artisans nine to fifteen days to produce. Time – today more than ever a symbol of luxury. In that sense, we show deep respect to the craftsmen and craftswomen, true to the philosophy of our company.

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