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25th of April 2015 – the day that changed everything


Haussteutzen.jpgOn 25th of April 2015, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake; this was followed by another 7.3 magnitude earthquake just over a fortnight later; after that there were more than 500 aftershocks up to magnitude 5.5. More than 9600 people were killed and millions were affected.

Unfortunately, the most part of donated money is still blocked by the government, which means that the reconstruction is slow.

The Nepalese economy has been recovering day by day for the past five years. However, more than 1000 young Nepalese people left the country every day from rural areas.




Current major projects

The new airport "Gautam Buddha International Airport" in Lumbini, which will carry out the first test flights in 2020.

The "Melamchi Project" which will supply the people in the Kathmandu valley with drinking water in the future.

The new “Pokhara International Airport”, which should open in 2021.


Nepal is currently in lockdown due to the Corona Virus, with the current major projects standing still and the economy set back by years.


PUKAR COLLECTION supports education for young women and the SITU-School project in Kathmandu locally.

If you would you like to donate, please contact us: Tel. 043 300 32 32 or visit our boutique PUKAR COLLECTION.

For the donations already received, we thanks heartily.


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(Originates from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal)

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